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Some answers to the most popular things people ask us.....

  • Can you photograph and film our show?
    Absolutely! We have many years experience photographing and filming the perforing arts. We can provide a full professional studio for performers, Individuals, groups, live... we are very flexible. We can personlaise a web gallery where your parents can review just their childs images and claim discounts and special offers in the process. It's simple with lots of choice. You can buy a simple print, a digital download, a keyring, phone case or canvas. There are various packages offering up to 45% and depending on the size of your performance you can even earn a commission from all sales! Please ask for details, we'd love to hear from you.
  • What type of photos and gifts can I buy?
    With our online system there are many choices. You can order over 12 different sizes of prints with, or without mounts. Three different packages offering discounts of up to 45%. Over 30 different gift products such as keyrings, mugs, phone cases, fridge magnets and more. Plus a range of canvasses in different sizes. They offer excellent value for money. e.g. 6x4 print = £7.00 / 8x6 print = £8.00 / 10x8 print = £10.00. All our prints, gifts and canvasses are printed and manufactured by a professional print lab to guarantee the finished quality, consistency and fast turn-arounds. You won't be dissapointed.
  • How far ahead to I need to book?
    Booking our filming or photography services is always subject to availability. We recommend you book as far ahead as possible to avoid dissapointment. At the end of every term and the end of the year is our busiest time. If your show is around these periods we recommend you book as soon as possible.
  • When do I need to return the booking paperwork?
    Once you have confirmed your booking date we will send you all the necessary paperwork. Your booking will only be secure when we have received your confirmation, so we recommend you return your completed form as soon as you can to avoid dissapointment.
  • Are all your staff CRB/DBS checked?
    Yes. Every staff member has a current DBS (CRB) certificate that can be produced on request. Also, for peace of mind we prefer to supply all media directly to your school for distribution by you.
  • What can I do about parents ‘pirating’ copies?
    Just explain that all the USB and DVDs we supply are encrypted so they can’t be copied. Creating 'pirate' copies, or duplicating the DVD, Blu-ray or Memory Sticks is illegal.
  • Can I use some of the show filming to put on my website or YouTube?
    We can create footage suitable for online playback for a small additional charge. We need to charge extra for this due to the significant time it can take to create. If you would like this extra footage it can be built in to the retail price of your ordered discs to cover the costs. It’s generally not ok to upload videos online that use copyrighted music. If you make the decision to do so, it is at your own risk.
  • Can you extract some images from the USB's or DVD?
    Yes we can. You’ll need to provide details of what you want but let us know and we’ll send over the images you want electronically. There will be a small additional fee for this service. We supply captured images as JPEG's at 1920x1080 pixels. They are supplied with full reproduction rights so you can use them however you wish.
  • How do I cancel my booking?
    You can cancel your booking at any time. Simply email us at: Please note that bookings cancelled with less than 14 days prior to the show date will incur a cancellation fee. Cancellations by any other method than email i.e. phone, text, social media etc. will not be accepted.
  • How does copyrght work on the DVD?
    i101 Digital Ltd will film your show on the assumption that you have all rights to perform the numbers included. Public sale and distribution of the USB and DVD's (i.e. to people not involved with the show) is strictly prohibited. i101 Digital Ltd retains copyright over the actual recording of the show itself, and retains rights to use content recorded, including but not limited to: video, audio, and still images, for limited promotional use (i.e. showreels) without obtaining permission from the show organisers or persons involved. i101 Digital Ltd assumes that you have obtained permission from all performers (or their legal representatives) in the show to be recorded, and for that recording to be privately distributed.
  • How do I organise the show credits and artwork information?
    We recomend you email us your show programme pdf and a list for all the credits you'd like included. e.g. logos, ackowledments, cast names, sponsors details - anything you'd like. We have very advanced Mac and Windows systems so you can send whatever is the most convenient for you! PDF, PSD, Word, Excel, CSV, Notebook, Notes, Pages ..... We would always recomend you keep things simple and double check all the spellings before you send them.
  • What artwork do you include?
    We create the artwork for the USB and DVD boxes and discs for FREE. We can create something original or stylise it to match your programme. We can also create show programmes if required at minimal cost. Once the artwork has been created you will receive a proof for your approval. You can make any amendments until you're completely happy then we'll print both the USB and DVD box covers and discs with your approved design. The USB sticks are pre-printed with our logo.
  • We don’t have any artwork for our programme. Can you help?
    Of course! As part of your booking with us we will design your USB / DVD cover and disc artwork completely FREE. If you do have some artwork we can incorporate that too. We can included your organisations logo, contact details, ideas and imagery into the design so you'll receive a professionally finish DVD, Blu-ray or USB Memory stick finished to a professional standard. For an additional charge we can also organise your show programme. Designed and printed to really give your show the impact it deserves. This is a very inexpensive service. please ask for details - we'd love to hear from you.
  • Can you design our show programme?
    Most definately! We can create show programmes based on your existing artwork or from scratch. They're very affordable and add a professional look to your show. Once designed, you will receive a proof for your approval. You can make any amendments until you're completely happy then we'll print and deliver them in plenty of time for your show. Please contact us for further details.
  • Can we use your logo in our programme and website to help sell the USB/DVD's?
    Absolutely! Contact us and we will send you whatever you need.
  • What is the best way of promoting sales?
    i101 Films will send you a sales pack of posters & order forms to give to all your cast. You could also send the information out electronically by email or closed group social media so everyone knows. Put the leaflets in your programmes, on the seats and notice boards. If you run out, just let us know and we'll send you as many as you need.
  • Can I order more USB's or DVD's later on?
    Yes! We archive every show we record, which means we can provide copies at any point after the main order.
  • When do I receive my Show Pack?
    We try to post the Show Pack to you at least one month before the date of the show.
  • Can I get more order forms?
    We try to send you enough for everyone in your cast to have some. If you run out, just give us a call and we’ll send you as many as you need.
  • Can you film backstage?
    Yes, if you would like us to. Backstage is an amazing place. The excitement, the anticipation, the buzz - a fantastic additon to any performance filming. Please arrange a chaperone to accompany our cameraman.
  • How much space do you need for your equiment?
    It's very difficult to be precise as we film many different sized shows and use many different camera setups. Rough Guides Small Show With only one member of staff, we would need somewhere near the central back of the auditorium suitable for two cameras on tripods and a sound recording unit. This would be aproximately per camera and for the sound desk. That's a total of about 2.5sq.mtrs or the equivalent of approximately 3 seats wide Medium Show We would need the same as the above space for the Director/Head Camerman and a space closer to the stage for each additional camerman. All cameras would need to setup in an area approximately 1.5sq.mtrs. Enough for each tripod and and area to stand without blocking anyones view. Large Show As above but wilth addional space for each additional cameraman and their equipment approximately 1.5 sq.mtrs per person. We try and keep the footprint of our equipment as small as possible but must always consider safety for your patrons and our staff at all times.
  • What if my show is very long?
    Generally, DVD's can fit up to one-and-a-half hours of footage. If your show is longer, then we will typically split the show into two discs Act 1 - Disc 1, Act 2 - Disc 2 but this will change the rrp of your discs. While filming your show the acual recording time is never a problem as all our cameras record to high quality solid state drives which have fantastic capacity.
  • I have a cast smaller than your minimum sales requirement. Would you still be able to film?
    We can film as long as you will agree to pay the financial equivalent of the minimum USB/DVD sales quantity which is 20 copies.
  • Is there any financial benefit to us by using i101 Films?
    It is possible to generate a commission from the sales but the amount would vary depending on volume. We would always be happy to discuss once your minumum volume was agreed.
  • What happens if I don't sell the minimum quantity?
    If you do not reach your minimum quantity, we will invoiced you for the cost of the remaining unsold DVD’s. For example, if your minimum is 20 and you sell 16, you will be invoiced for 20 USB/DVD's. You will always receive the minimum number of USB or DVD's with your first order, so you can sell them on afterwards to recover the costs.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Our payment terms are 30 days from receipt of the DVD's. If you’re having problems reaching the minimum order quantity, don’t panic just give us a call. We can be flexible if you’re having difficulties – as long as we’re aware there are problems we can always work something out.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    There are absolutely no additional costs! All services include mileage, filming, artwork, duplication and delivery are covered by the retail sales of the USB or DVD's. Extra charges are only applied when you require additional services. These are always agreed well in advance so there is never anything hidden. Additional charges e.g. programme design, special delivery, internet clip creation, extracting images from the footage etc.
  • Do I get a preview/proof disc?
    We can provide previews, if you’d like one; you need to mention it when you book even if you’ve had one for a previous show. There are no additional costs involved with requesting a preview. We don’t recommend you request a preview if you have a tight deadline as it can delay delivery. In order for us to send you a preview, we need to have your show credits.
  • How do I check the preview/proof disc?
    Its best to watch your preview on a television screen, on a laptop of computer screen you DVD may appear darker, or distorted. A common problem with DVD’s played on computers is called interlacing – a zig-zag distortion to fast -moving objects.We proof-view all our shows on reference-monitors at the office, in order to make sure the footage looks good on the widest variety of TVs possible. Please keep in mind that DVD's are not high-definition media, so they won’t look their best on a 60 inch screen. Some players and televisions ‘upscale’ the image to high-definition, so the quality of the picture can vary from device to device. We currently do not offer Blu-Ray previews.
  • What if no changes are required?
    If your happy with your preview as it is, great! Let us know and we can then very quickly start producing your order.
  • How do I give my feedback?
    We ask everyone to provide preview feedback in writing; it makes it easier for us to refer to when we are implementing your changes. The preview will have a time code display so all you need to do is note the time and the changes you'd like. This really helps us interpret your amendments. Even if you happy with it as it is let us know by email. If you ring us to give preview feed back we’ll make a note of it and start working on your changes but we’ll hold off copying your order until we have the feedback in writing.
  • Do I get another preview with amends?
    Typically, we will make any required changes, and then move straight on to producing your DVD copies. If you feel its necessary, we can arrange another preview however, remember that the longer the show is bouncing back-and-forth between us, the longer it will take for your order to be delivered.
  • What changes can I make?
    Simple changes such as cutting parts out, moving dances to earlier or later in the film, correcting typos, changing credits music, etc, are fairly easy to implement. If we feel that it will not affect the quality of your DVD too much we can, to an extent, amplify sound and brighten/darken the images. Keep in mind that we are very limited in what we can achieve, for example we cannot edit out someone dropping a hat, or add pans and zooms. The general rule of thumb is that if you cannot make out a detail in the preview, you will never be able to make it out no matter how much tweaking we do. We will make clear if there is something you have asked that cannot be achieved in edit.
  • What is the difference between a preview/proof disc and the discs you will be producing?
    You won’t find a menu system on you preview disc and it won’t be printed with any artwork. There will also be a time code clock displaying the position of the footage so you can identify where you'd like to ammend. e.g. at 40:22 (40 mins 22 secs) can you change cut from sharp to a fade
  • How soon will my USB's/DVD's be delivered
    Remember we won’t send you your USB's/ DVD’s until we have received an order from you. Simply call us and let us know how many you want, and we’ll get on with it. We’ll also need to have received all documentation we require from you, namely: Show Credits (if required) Programme Artwork Once an order has been placed, we aim for a 2-4 week turnaround. However, during busy periods such as Summer and Christmas, it can take a little longer. In busy periods, shows that have orders get edit priority.
  • Can I have my USB's/DVD's on a specific date or arrange a deadline for delivery?
    Yes you can arrange a deadline but you must ask for it when you book in. This also applies if you need your USB's/DVD’s by the end of a school term don’t forget to mention it when you book, end of terms are very busy for us. We will aim to get the USB's/DVD's delivered to your booking address one day before the arranged deadline. If you do give us a deadline after the show has been booked, we will of course do our best to meet it but we can’t guarantee you’ll have your USB's/DVD’s on time In order to meet any deadlines, we must have received all information and documents we need from you, namely: Show Credits (if required) Programme Artwork An order for the USB's/DVD's We cannot guarantee deadlines that are less than 2 weeks from the date the show was recorded, but we will try our best if you let us know!
  • Can you deliver the USB's/DVD's direct to our parents?
    We are able to deliver USB's/DVD's direct to your customers, however an additional £3.75 Postage, packing and handling fee will be added on to each order.
  • What courier do you use, and how do they operate?"
    We use DPD to deliver orders of over 10 units. We will always try and give you a pre-dispatch call to confirm delivery details. If we can’t get hold of you, we will leave you a message, and book in the delivery. You should receive an e-mail from DPD on the day of delivery. They will usually let you know the hour time slot in which they are going to try and deliver your parcel. If this is not a convenient time, you can re-arrange a delivery date via the courier website. Orders under 10 DVDs will be sent via First Class Royal Mail.
  • Some of the USB/DVD cases have arrived damaged, what should I do?"
    We pack the USB's/DVDs as best we can, but sometimes damage to the cases can occur in transit. Please call us and let us know as soon as you find damaged cases, and we will send you replacements right away.

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