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We specialise in filming and photographing the performing arts


Here are a few examples of our work.

Dance Show Mash-Up

A very short MASH-UP of a recent show we had the pleasure of filming. This show had over 300 performers, live musicians, musical theatre performances and an incredible range of dance genres to capture.

We used 6 cameras, some static and others tracking to make sure every section of the performance was captured. 

This show was edited and produced as a 2 disc DVD with full colour print on the cover and discs. The theatre school principals were extremely happy with the finished product and have booked us for several new shows they have planned in 2018.


For us, it was a fantastic experience and a pleasure to be involved with.

Peter Pan Ballet Rehearsals

A beautiful ballet set in Norwich's famous St Andrews Hall. Stunning architecture, amazing acoustics and the perfect setting for this ballet performance.


This clip was their "behind the scenes" footage that really gives you an insight to how much effort goes into producing a performance like this. Seeing the rehearsals, the performers back stage and finally the queues of people waiting in anticipation really creates a memory not easy forgotten.

We are often asked to create this type of BTS footage which is a real pleasure to capture.

We can't wait for their next performance!

Supercali/Step In Time Mash-up

A bright and exciting performance of this amazing piece. The music has an energy that builds and builds leaving the audience on their feet begging for more.

Beautiful contemporary venue, fantastic routine and costumes choreographed to an incredible standard.

lion King Medley

This performance was filmed in the early part of 2017 with 5 cameras. The routine has great choreography but quite difficult to film as there were several groups of performers entering and exiting the stage at different times. Large groups, small groups and combinations that were always changing. While difficult for the crew to anticipate the choreography we think it came out extremely well.

We love a challenge so this was right up our street!

beauty & the beast

So cute! A wonderful performance by these young children. It brought a tear to the eye of many people seeing all their hard work pay off.

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