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We specialise in the performing arts


Here are a few examples of our work.

We also offer professional photography
as part of our service

We capture photographs that becomes a treasured memory for all performers, families and friends. What better way to bring all those show memories to life when you book our photography service.

When you decide to book our photography service we make it as simple as possible. We supply a full photo studio with backgrounds and professional lighting on location and/or at your event. We photograph all the performers - individuals, siblings and groups. We then edit and upload them to your own bespoke online gallery. It couldn't be simpler.


Here's How It Works

  • ​Call us and book your photo shoot. This could also be at your show or event.

  • We attend and setup our studio with backdrops and professional lighting
    (space required approx. = 5 x 5 mtr or more)

  • Performers 'Strike A Pose' and we take all the photographs

  • The images are then edited and prepared for uploading

  • They are then uploaded to one of the most advanced online sales systems available

  • Using either a password, access code or QR code you can log in and view all the beautiful images

  • You can order prints, mounts, keyrings, phone cases, canvasses, pencil cases, digital downloads and more 

  • Discounted print packages are also available offering savings of up to 45%

  • Have all the prints and gifts delivered by the batch or direct per order

Once placed, your orders are sent to our professional photo lab partner who processes your order and sends your prints within a few days!


As a professional company, we have a responsibility to help protect young people from harm, abuse or neglect. All our staff have current DBS certificates and have received safeguarding training as standard.

We expect parents, guardians and teachers to always be present at our shoots and reserve the right to refuse service if we consider any performers costume is inappropriate for their age or style of the performance.

Batch Orders

This is where your organisation stipulate a delivery date (usually 7 days after the photo shoot). All the orders are placed, processed and sent all together as one batch on a pre-arrange date. This is great for dance schools and theatre groups who want to save money and don't mind a short wait. We also usually include a 10% discount with this method.

Individual Orders

This is for customers who place their orders online and have them despatched to their home addresses. Standard postage and packing charges apply. Prints are usually despatched within 24hours and gifts or larger products are despatched within a few days depending on the manufacturing times of the items ordered.



  1. No cost to your organisation

  2. No limit to the number of
    performers or photographs

  3. No minimum order required

  4. Professional and friendly photographer

  5. Onsite professional studio including backdrops and lighting

  6. Bespoke, secure online sales
    system included

  7. Secure access with password, code or QR code system

  8. Huge range of prints and products available to order
    Example Prices
    6x4 print = £6.00
    8x6 print = £8.00
    Classic Multi-Pack = £27.50
    (normal r.r.p £39.00)
    plus many other options

  9. Super fast delivery of all orders

  10. Sales commissions available

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